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Logan city is updating its Transportation Master Plan, which serves as a 30-year planning guide for all modes of transportation within our community. This updated plan will include a comprehensive list of projects for the next 30 years, as well as a prioritized list of top projects for the next 10 years. This plan coordinates closely with the other city plans, including the Logan Main Street Corridor Study, in determining how to prioritize improvements based on timeline and budget. We reevaluate the transportation system every four years to best adapt to changing needs.


This transportation planning allows us to proactively develop solutions to meet existing and future mobility and access needs within our city. It provides the opportunity to address and mitigate current challenges regarding safety and traffic congestion. The planning includes carefully balancing many factors, including future growth, mobility and access needs, environmental considerations and economic development to best support the vision and values of Logan City.


Our Transportation Master Plan continues to be an integral part of urban planning and development within our city. We work very closely with UDOT to shape a new direction for Main Street, which is a state road. UDOT is committed to looking at all modes of transportation to provide the most benefit to our community. 


We are committed to informing and engaging the public throughout this planning process. The following is a timeline detailing the process:

  • Incorporate all applicable master planning efforts in Cache County in the TMP.

  • Utilize all existing and collected data to provide accurate traffic analysis and projections.

  • Utilize input from the public, local and the federal agencies and incorporate into the plan.

  • Determine a future roadway network that meets future demand.

  • Provide a realistic implementation plan through annual maintenance and Capital Facilities planning.

  • Address multimodal transportation and connectivity to determine the benefits and impacts to the future transportation network. 


We would like to thank all who commented and provided input as part of our Transportation Master Plan process. The public comment period was extremely successful as we’ve received 573 total comments for the city transportation planning process. This valuable input will be utilized as we continue to create the Transportation Master Plan (TMP). For a summary of the comments, please click here. All comments will also be made available to the City Departments, which will greatly benefit from your suggestions. These comments will be a valued resource for Logan City for years to come.


The following are figures and data that provide a good basis for this planning effort:

Public Comment Responses
Level of Service Representation.jpg
Functional Class + Signals-01.jpg
2030 + LOS-01.jpg
Project List Map-01.jpg
Existing Level of Service Map-01.jpg
2050 + LOS-01.jpg
Future Class Map-01.jpg


We are committed to informing and engaging the public throughout this planning process. The following is a timeline detailing the process:

Logan_TIMELINE_Transportation Master Pla
Logan_TIMELINE_Transportation Master Pla
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