The Main Street corridor (U.S. Highway 89/91) is essential for all modes of transportation, from the business and industrial user to the walking and biking community enjoying a vibrant Downtown atmosphere. The Main Street Corridor Study is a partnership between the City of Logan, the Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Utah Department of Transportation.


The study will take a fresh look at all transportation needs along Main Street, while building upon previous studies to develop a list of short- and long-term solutions. A corridor Guiding Statement and Goals and Objectives, shown below, were recently developed with public input and will serve as a guide to solution development.


  • Enhance transportation choices - intermodal/multimodal operations

    • Develop a comprehensive Travel Demand Management (TDM) Plan that:

      • Evaluates, plans for, and expands on all modes of active transportation systemwide.

      • Reduces vehicle dependency through the expansion of infrastructure supporting alternate modes of transportation.

      • Identifies and expands opportunities for regional alternative modes of transportation for all populations.

    • Promotes active transportation in Downtown Logan.

  • Create regional connectivity for all modes

    • Develop better east west routes to improve mobility.

    • Improve north south travel options.

    • Identify appropriate routes for regional thru traffic that is sensitive to the character of existing neighborhoods.

    • Emphasize nodal development rather than strip development to provide for safe and comfortable access.      

  • Protect and enhance regional environmental conditions including improved air quality

    • Conserve, protect and improve the quality of environmental resources and the natural functions they perform (i.e. water, air, wildlife habitat, wetlands, etc.).

    • Improve air quality in Logan and Cache Valley by planning, building and encouraging alternative modes of transportation.

  • Support corridor-wide and regional sustainable growth and economic development

    • Foster quality development that increases the quality of life and attractiveness of Logan.

    • Promote and sustain high quality, diverse economic growth.

    • Manage growth so that it does not outstrip our resources and results in a place people want to live.

    • Encourage nodal development to facilitate more efficient and safer transportation options.

    • Improve the appearance, quality, vitality, and functionality of Downtown Logan while preserving its historic character.


  • This study will build upon previous studies and past collaboration with agencies and the public, which established a corridor vision, Guiding Principle Statement and supporting Goals and Objectives.

    • ​Visioning exercises were guided by public input and objectives included in Logan City’s General Plan to be consistent with what is already in place.

  • This study will provide opportunities for the public to review and refine previously established Goals and Objectives and how they are measured and then to screen recommended solutions.

  • The City of Logan is concurrently conducting an update of its Transportation Master Plan. Close coordination is taking place between the two studies to ensure that they complement one another.

  • This is not just a Main Street study. It will look at the City’s transportation network as a whole in an effort to create solutions for a seamless system.

  • There are no predetermined solutions. This study will take a holistic approach in evaluating the previously identified universe of solutions in addition to new ideas.

  • This is a planning level study that will feed into an environmental process which may or may not select a preferred alternative, should one be identified.

  • This is a regional planning effort with a goal to create regional connectivity for all modes. The involvement of Logan’s neighboring communities is welcome and critical to developing a shared vision.

  • The next steps are to gather and analyze existing conditions data, identify needs, correlate results with the current Goals and Objectives, develop performance measures for the Goals and Objectives and then develop and screen a recommended suite of solutions for implementation.



Downtown Logan is the core of our business district and essentials to the vitality of our community. The Main Street Corridor Study will take a fresh look at transportation needs along Main Street and build upon previous studies to develop short and long term solutions.



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