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Logan city is updating its Transportation Master Plan, which serves as a 25-year planning guide for all modes of transportation within our community. This updated plan will include a comprehensive list of projects for the next 25 years, as well as a prioritized list of top projects for the next 10 years. This plan coordinates closely with the other city plans, including the Logan Main Street Corridor plan, in determining how to prioritize improvements based on timeline and budget. Click here for more details.

Logan City Mountain Graphic.png


Logan City, Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO) and Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) have initiated a Corridor Study to evaluate current conditions on the Logan Main Street (US Hwy 89/91) corridor. This corridor is essential for all modes of transportation, from the business and industrial user to the walking and biking community enjoying a vibrant downtown atmosphere. The purpose of this study is to evaluate previous studies that were performed and recommendations made while developing a plan for the future of the transportation corridor. These recommendations will include both short-term and long-term recommendations. Click here for more details.

Logan City Mountain Graphic.png


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Logan City is proactively planning and developing transportation solutions to meet existing and future mobility and access needs within our city. We are currently working on two planning projects that are integral in supporting the vision and values of Logan City: the Transportation Master Plan and the Main Street Corridor Plan. We need your input to ensure that these planning efforts best represents our shared vision for mobility and access in our city.
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